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INJA represents a debut venture in India for the Dubai based restaurant group, Atelier House Hospitality. This venture is in collaboration with the company’s local partner in India, Mr. Manav Thadani, Founder and Chairman of Hotelivate. INJA is potentially the world's first restaurant to seamlessly merge Indian and Japanese cuisines. These two culinary styles have their own unique features, and the concept of blending them piqued our interest when our Chef Partner, Adwait Anantwar, proposed it to Ms. Panchali Mahendra (President, Atelier House Hospitality). Combining Japanese and Indian cuisines is a challenging endeavor, as Japanese food is characterized by its delicate nature, clean and subtle flavors, and a strong emphasis on technique. Conversely, Indian cuisine boasts a diverse range of ingredients, resulting in a complex flavor profile. Achieving a balance between these culinary styles has required comprehensive research and experimentation, leading to the discovery of a thrilling harmony of flavors that enhanced one another rather than dominating.

Complementing the culinary experience, the harmony of the two cultures extends with the design of the restaurant. The interior design incorporates Japanese elements such as neutral clean wooden surfaces, natural stone, wood colors, wallpaper, lamp lighting, and bonsai, which serve as a canvas for simplicity and minimalism. We then added pops of color, Mughal trinkets, peacock-colored fabric, and lime wash materials to symbolize Indian culture. The result is a subtly vibrant space with a comfortable flow and an organic feeling of perfect balance. INJA's design engages our guests, encouraging them to explore every intriguing corner of the restaurant. Notable features include the Itajime Shibori framework in 100% Indian Silk, the private room door and interior, the copper-toned ceiling, malt cabinets, and floating artifact shelves. The overall design showcases a seamless and captivating integration of Indian and Japanese cultures.

Panchali Mahendra

Panchali Mahendra, President of Atelier House Hospitality, boasts an illustrious career spanning more than two decades in the esteemed realm of gastronomy. Throughout her remarkable journey in the food and beverage industry, she has artfully cultivated a reputation for culinary eminence, pioneering novel, and visionary dining concepts both within the United Arab Emirates and on a global scale. Having lent her expertise to nearly 70 distinguished establishments across the world, her distinct acumen has allowed her to curate an impressive and multifaceted portfolio of ventures. INJA, her latest endeavor, represents a masterful fusion of two distinct yet cherished cuisines, resulting in an incomparable and unforgettable dining experience.

ahmass fakahany

Mr. Ahmass Fakahany has spearheaded some of the most acclaimed restaurants worldwide as the founder of Altamarea Group and CEO of Atelier House Hospitality. Mr. Fakahany uses his commercial acumen and expertise as a global disruptor to set the strategy and promote the highest standards of performance at every level within the hospitality realm and Inja is no exception. With his keen eye for culinary excellence, Mr. Fakahany has recognized the exceptional potential of Inja in India and is excited for diners from across the globe to experience this intriguing concept.

Ahmass Fakhany.jpg

Manav Thadani

Manav Thadani is a successful entrepreneur, trusted advisor, avid food lover, passionate hotelier, and the Founder and Chairman of Hotelivate. He is incredibly passionate about the hospitality realm and has recently begun exploring the F&B space as well. Manav is thrilled about this new culinary endeavor, as he believes that INJA will offer an exciting fusion of traditional Japanese and Indian cultures, with each dish promising delightful surprises.

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